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BMX Bike Games
We have the internet's most popular BMX games. Gain skills by jumping ramps and doing sick tricks during the trials. We love the sport of Bmx freestyling, and test all our games for the best quality. Our bike games are optimized to run on your desktop or laptop computer. We are developing our mobile games section in the Summer of 2017.

Play Stickman Dirtbike
Stickman Dirtbike
Jump on your bike and get your tires dirty as you take your stickman through 15 challenging levels throughout the forest. Don't forget to upgrade your bike as it will help you with the increasingly tough challenges that await you.
Play Stickman Freeride
Stickman Freeride
Ride your stickman through the mountains. Upgrade your bike with money you earn on every trail. You can also buy new bikes that are more advanced. Enjoy a nice bike ride through the woods, and backflip your way to the end.
Play BMX Ramp
Bmx Ramp
Show off your BMX skills by jumping on your bike and heading off to the ramps where you'll show off your biking skills in full force. The more difficult the trick, the more points you will earn. See how many points you can earn in total!
Play Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike
Ride your bike as fast as you can to the end of the track. If you get here before your energy bar reaches zero you can advance to the next level. On your way, pick up the red energy powerup pills to increase your energy life.
Play BMX Pro Style
BMX Pro Style
Perform a variety of stunts with your bmx bike and see how many bonus points you can collect. You are very limited on time, so be sure to perform all of your stunts before time runs out!
Play BMX Extreme
BMX Extreme
You have one minute to get as many points as you can by performing a wide range of easy to difficult stunts. But, keep in mind that you must successfully land each of these tricks in order to realize the full amount of points.
Play BMX Master
BMX Master
Become the ultimate BMX master by pulling off stunts that no other BMX rider would even consider attempting. The more complex the trick, the more points you will end up earning. Be careful and make sure that you successfully land each of your tricks!
Play Alex Trax
Alex Trax
Jump on your bmx bike and try to complete each level in record time while earning maximum points by performing and landing amazing tricks.
Play Bmx Backflips
Bmx Backflips
Try to complete each challenge with your bmx bike. Jump chasms, collect stars, complete backflips, and race birds.
Play BMX Ghost Game
Bmx Ghost
Race against your ghost, and try to beat your best score. This is a more simple version of bmx backflips, but it's a great game to challenge your friends for the fastest time.
Play Bmx Park Games
Bmx Park
Take your BMX rider to the next level and rack up a high score!
Play Bmx Park Games
Silly Games
More bmx action with our friend's silly game picks. They have a few original titles you won't find anywhere else. Check out their "Window Smasher" and "Alphabet Shoot" game.
Bmx Stunts
Bmx Stunts
Go do plenty of stunts and enjoy your self. BMX Tricks is a very addicting game. Play this free online games BMX Stunt Tricks right now for hours!
Play Bmx Tricks Online Games
Bmx Tricks
A very addicting BMX bike game, you need to make as many as figures possibles within 2 minutes. Use F to move, A to stop, D for tail wipe and the spacebar to jump.
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